UKC Agility Obstacles

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This webpage is about UKC agility, especially focusing on the obstacles that are unique to UKC agility. It is currently under construction but will include information on each obstacle and basic UKC agility rules soon, as well as info on each 'Class' of UKC agility.
Red Dog Model: Therapy Dog Ginger, CGC DSA (Golden Retriever)

**If you have photos I can use of any of the obstacles listed as 'not show' please email me**

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Contact Obstacles
(dog must hit contact zones, which are yellow areas in this case)

* A-Frame *

* DogWalk *

* Teeter-totter *

Also (not shown): Sway Bridge

Other Non-Hurdle Obstacles

* Open Tunnel *

*Hoop Tunnel*
Set of hoops, dog must run through center.

(more photos coming soon)

* Closed Tunnel *
(aka Chute)

* Swing Plank *
Swaying plank suspended by 4 chains, dog must walk over
"Mirage" (Shar-Pei)
taken by Pat Cagney Photography

* Crawl Tunnel *
Dog must crawl through underneath.

photo from DogStuff   (used with permission)

* Pause Box *
Dog must enter the box and do a sit or down for 5 seconds while keeping all 4 feet inside of box (same rules as pause table).
pause1  pausebox2

* Pause Table *
Note: This is a N.A.D.R.A. table- the UKC table can be built like this, but is more commonly a wooden platform on PVC legs.
Ginger (left) and Jenny, Golden Retrievers


Also (not shown): Weave Poles, Pause Table

Hurdle Obstacles

* Window Jump *

* Platform Jump *
(aka Sit-Over-Sit)
Dog must sit on first platform, leap over hurdle and sit on second platform.

  * Solid Hurdle *
(aka Verticle or High Hurdle)
Similar to obedience jumps.
photo from DogStuff   (used with permission)

 * Log Hurdle *
Pyramid stacks of pipes; with more pipes (higher stack) for higher agility levels. Starts with 3 pipes.

Bogey and Sadie
log     log

* Spread Hurdle *
Hurdle bars are separated both horizontally and vertically, creating a '3-D', or 'long and high' jump.


Also (not shown yet): Hoop Jump (aka Tire), Brush Jump (aka Flower Jump), Water Hurdle, Long Hurdle

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